Investor Insights

Learn more about how we invest and some of the principles we follow at Front Street Capital Management. Read on for information to help you lead a smarter financial life.

Recommended Reading

Here is a collection of books we recommend for anyone who would like more knowledge of our process and how we believe it translates to compounding wealth. We provide links to explore these books further at

Recommended Reading

The Warren Buffett Way: Robert G. Hagstrom

Robert Hagstrom dives back into the investing strategies of Warren Buffett, adding in examples of real investments made by Buffett while drawing on the new field of behavioral finance.

Recommended Reading

One Up On Wall Street: Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch, manager of the Magellan fund, describes how average investors can produce excellent returns by using what they already know.

Recommended Reading

Out of the Crisis: W. Edwards Deming

W. Edwards Deming, a U.S. business consultant, writes on his experience working in Japan following WWII on driving efficiencies through employee empowerment.

Recommended Reading

The Intelligent Investor: Benjamin Graham

Ben Graham, former investor and professor at Columbia business school, on the value investing philosophy he created and taught to legendary investors like Warren Buffett.

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