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Learn more about how we invest and some of the principles we follow at Front Street Capital Management. Read on for information to help you lead a smarter financial life.

Interesting Links

A compilation of videos and articles we revisit again and again. These highlight many of our principles at work as well as some of our favorite companies and investors. Check them out!

Interesting Links

Diving Deep to Discover the Value of Lean Companies with Cliff Ransom | The Lean Institute

Lean done right can dramatically boost the value of any enterprise over the long term, argues Cliff Ransom. For decades, Cliff has been analyzing the value of companies by researching and above all visiting them to suss out the integrity of their lean practice. His detailed reports (by his firm Ransom Research) on the performance of companies such as Danaher, GE, Fortive, and many others are closely followed by a passionate slice of the investment world.

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